Purple Vetch



Purple Vetch

(Quatrains with Closing Couplet)

Stumbled upon some purple vetch,

Walking along a parkway stretch

That was blazoned with wildflowers,

Purple and yellow – watched for hours.

Stopped to behold this nature’s treat,

There to enjoy, right at my feet,

Beautiful bells draped on a vine,

Imperial purple – Divine!

Nestled near it, a yellow cup.

I hastened to look, close up.

To my surprise, what did I see?

A Canada Anemone!

With wildflowers like these, we are blessed!

These days when we find them are – The Best!


Author Notes

Some more wildflowers that I photographed on my walk with my wife. They moved me to write this poem.

This poem is a set of three Quatrains with a closing rhyming couplet. the rhyme scheme for the quatrains is abab with a syllable count of 8.

The closing couplet is a simple end rhyme with a syllable count of 9.

The purple flower in the picture is purple Vetch.  Vetch is an interesting plant. Vetch is one of the oldest known cultivated plants in the world. It is part of the green bean or legume family and are related to lentils and peas. According to Wikipedia, Vetch was known in the Near East 9,500 years ago. It has been found in Neolithic sites in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia, about 7,000 years ago. St. Bernard of Clairvaux shared bread of vetch meal with his monks during the famine of 1124-1126. Called broad beans, they were mentioned in the Hebrew bible. It was slowly replaced by better plants like wheat and corn. Today, it is used , if at all, as forage.
The Canada Anemone is the little yellow flower in the picture. These hardy plants often grow in large clumps. It is a perennial that grows with horizontal underground roots (rhizomes). Native Americans considered it to have many medicinal uses, such as an a styptic for wounds, an eyewash, any many other ailments.

The photograph was taken June 24, 2013 by the author.

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