Pink Cosmos Flower

Cosmos Flower

Pink Cosmos Flower

(Modified Octogram)



Pretty petals stretch to the sky.

The Pink Cosmos!

On delicate stem that captures the eye,

There may be pathos

When battered by hard wind or rain .

Its broken bough may not regain

The strength these beauties must retain.

The Pink Cosmos.

In Greek, called Balanced Universe,

In the pasture.

To the south, its known to be the diverse

Mexican Aster.

There’s beauty there you can’t deny,

Attracting bees and butterfly,

With hues that truly gratify.

The Pink Cosmos.


Author Notes This flower is known as a Cosmos. It is part of my wild flower series as I found it growing in the wild.

It comes in several species and colors. This one is Cosmos Bipinatus, which is also known as the Mexican Aster. The name Cosmos in Greek, means Balanced Universe, derived from its delicate narrow stem and thin leaves that grow out equally on both sides of the stem to help it balance (much like a tight-rope walker’s balance pole does). However, this comes at a price, as this flower can easily be damaged by high winds or heavy rains. This flower is native to Mexico, but can be grown almost anywhere. Its is usually a garden flower. Those growing in the wild are typically garden escapees. Its close cousin, the Cosmos Caudatus grows in Indonesia and Malaysia. There it is considered a health food, as the leaves and stems are used in salads. It contains Awet Muda, with anti-aging properties that tones up the blood, strengthens the bones, and freshens breath. Its American cousin is only considered an ornamental plant.
This poem is modified from the structure of an Octogram. 

The Octogram is a style of poetry invented by Fanstorian Sally Yocom (S.Yocom). It consists of two stanzas of eight lines each, with a very specific syllable count and rhyme scheme.  Syllable count is 84848884, repeat on second stanza.

I modified that to 8/4/10/5/8/8/8/4.

The typical Rhyme scheme: aBabccbB ababddbB, where B repeats same text. 

I modified that too, to: aBabcccB dedeaabB.

This picture was taken by the author himself along the shoreline of Lake McCarron, in St. Paul, Mn.

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