Pearly-Eye Butterfly

Pearly eye Butterfly

Pearly-Eye Butterfly

(Quintet with refrains)



Pearly-eye butterfly alights.

Its jeweled wings spread such delights!

Beguiling in brown-tinted hues,

The delicacy it imbues

Can drive away the deepest blues –

When it alights.

It sits there on a fragile twig

That really isn’t very big,

Amongst the branches of a tree

Poised there, posed so regally.

I stop to watch it quietly –

When it alights.

I pondered where this creature’s been;

How far and long it’s travelin’.

I really wouldn’t be surprised

At wonders seen with all those eyes.

Believe a shaded rest applies –

When it alights.


Author Notes

This is a Pearly-Eye Butterfly (Enodia Anthedon). Known for the spots on its wings that are like little pearls. The wings have a brown tint with a touch of purple. This butterfly is unique in that it likes shade, it isn’t attracted to flowers, and it flies later in the day than most other butterflies (often as late as 8 PM). It is a North American species that has a range from central Saskatchewan and Nebraska across Canada to Nova Scotia, then south as low as Alabama and Mississippi.  There is usually on generation per year. They travel far and wide, then seek the shade to rest and mate. They like tree sap from willows, birch, and poplars. The light green caterpillars feed on grasses. Those born late in the season hibernate over the winter.

This poem is written with 5 lined stanzas (Quintets)and a repeating refrain after each.

The rhyme scheme is aabbb.

The syllable count is 8.

This picture is a photograph taken by the author himself at Lake Elmo Park reserve in Minnesota on July 20, 2013.

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