Owl’s Stare

Great Horned Owl

Are there looks that can replace
The Owl’s stare?
Huge eyes within a furry face,
You must beware!
That friendly face contains a beak,
He’ll warn you with a piercing shriek.
Be careful! If you see it glare,
The Owl’s stare.

If you’re beguiled by owlish grace,
Then have a care.
Be wary of a nightly chase,
If you’re a hare.
Hesitate once, rabbit’s surprise,
Death is looking you in the eyes.
Captures you with distinctive flair,
The Owl’s stare.

Writing Prompt
The Octogram is a style of poetry invented by Fanstorian Sally Yocom (S.Yocom).  It consists of two stanzas of eight lines each, with a very specific syllable count and rhyme scheme.

Syllable count is 84848884, repeat on second stanza.

Rhyme scheme: aBabccbB ababddbB, where B repeats same text.

No more than 16 lines.

Author Notes An Octogram Poem based on the Photograph
The Author’s photograph taken during a presentation by the Raptor center.

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