Japanese Garden

Waterfall at Japanese Gardens


Japanese Garden

(A Free Style Poem)



I came upon

a garden.

One like they have

in Japan.

It really left me speechless,

As I saw

The sights it had.

Forget about clocks,

As you watch

the mystic spot.

You’ll lose your sense of time,


earthy mystery unlocks,

in primal patterns

of stones,

with marbled history,
as written in the rocks.


By the wind,

Sanded striations

of white,

and gray,

and rusty brown blocks.

They lurk in a basin.


on the surface play.

Inverted images,


their master’s  mood.


something good,

A feeling understood

Within our soul.


greets the eye,

where Waterfalls whisper

their ancient rocky lullaby,


while water

trickles down

to rule

the pool.

I stand

by a twisted  Juniper.


And sculpted

to please






Author Notes

This is a waterfall located in the Ordway Japanese Garden at Como Park in Minnesota, that I recently visited. 

A simple free Style poem. No formal structure, some rhyme but no formal scheme.

This picture was taken by the Author on September 7, 2013.

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