Goldfinches Feeding



Goldfinches Feeding

(A Rondel Poem)

Three golden birds with golden song

Flew in to eat sunflower seed.

Bright feathers flashing color creed

Of deepest hue to come along.

I hope they feel that they belong

In my backyard. I’ll feed their need.

Three golden birds with golden song

Flew in to eat sunflower seed.

As my delight has risen strong,

This  joy  I hope time won’t impede

As feathers frolic, Finches feed.

I pray their stay I might prolong

Three golden birds with golden song.


Author Notes

Beautiful Goldfinches eating sunflower seeds. 

This poem is a Rondel. A Rondel is a verse form originating in French lyrical poetry, later used in the verse of other languages as well, such as English and Romanian. It is a variation of the Rondeau consisting of two quatrains followed by a quintet (13 lines total) or a sestet (14 lines total). The Rondel was invented in the 14th century.

It is a poem of fixed format with repeating lines and structured number of lines per stanza. The first and second lines repeat in the middle of the poem and at the end. Although, only the first line repeats at the end. There is an option to repeat both.

The rhyme scheme is normally ABba abAB abbaA(B), where the capital letters shown here are the repeated lines and the parenthesis shows the possible option. There is no specific meter or syllable count in this style, but 8 is the most commonly used.  For this poem, I chose to use a fixed count of 8 in iambic tetrameter.

The photograph is one taken by the author himself.

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