God’s Garden

Garden bench

God’s Garden Ternet

(Terza Rima Sonnet)



God’s garden has a background that’s colored green,

Pastel colored flowers, with a place to sit.

Prettiest corner spot that I’ve ever seen!

Many is the day I’d like to sit a bit,

Where dappled sunlight chases flirting shadows

Past canopy of leaves hanging over it.


Time’s gainfully spent in idyllic meadows

With flowered scents from blooms sweetly filling air

Whose palette matches colors of the rainbows.

Among many things that lend a vibrant flair

Are places full of such quiet dignity,

Where rejuvenation transforms any care.

Such a place of peace will set your spirit free,

To keep a weary soul tuned with Deity.


Author Notes A beautiful garden spot brings a feeling of peace and serenity that helps to synchronize a soul with the vibrations of the Creator.

This poem is a Ternet, which is a hybrid of two styles – a Terza Rima and a Sonnet.

A TERNET has the syllable count and rhyme scheme of a Terza Rima(11 lines,11 syllables in each line,and rhyme scheme aba,bcb,cdc,dd).

A Sonnet has lines(14) of 3 quatrains and 2 rhyming couplets.(Italian Sonnet has 11 syllables each line). 

Thus,a TERNET blends the two and must have 14 lines with 11 syllables in each line and the rhyme scheme as  aba,bcb,cdc,ded,ee.

I struggled whether two have 12 lines without spaces plus the couple, or to separate the tercets and couplets. I decided to retain the integrity of the tercets in mine, as the other way seems to lose the character of the Terza Rima.

This photograph was taken be the author himself.

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