Fido on the Roof

Dog on Roof

Fido on the Roof



Looked across the street this morning,

There was a doggy on the roof.

The surprise came without warning

When I was startled by a woof.


Upon the neighbor’s garage top,

High up in winter’s frozen air,

Dog was examining the drop.

Knew he shouldn’t be up there.


Now, how did it get up there?

I don’t think anybody knows.

I’ve seen it there before, I swear,

I seems to happen when it snows


Though it really is amazing,

He could be caught up there all day.

Judging noises he is raising,

It’s quite a scary place to stay


It surpasses understanding

That his down exit could be rough.

It could be a nasty landing,

If he decided to hop off.


So if you spot that doggy, don’t give me any guff.

Run and get a ladder, he’s been up there long enough!


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