Enjoy the Koi

Koi in the Pond

Enjoy the Koi

(Mixed Meter Quatrains)



I enjoy all the Koi

That run in shallow pools.

They bring a bit of sunshine

In the shadows dark and cool.

They move about the pond

In groups of curiosity.

This one white, that one gold,

Then a black one, makes three.

I see so many in the pools.

They gather together in schools.

Colors flash as they move around,

Leaving an impression most profound.

If you stick in a finger ,

Thinking it’s a worm to eat,

The whole school will linger.

Remove it, and they’ll retreat.

Such colorful little torpedoes

That add to the watery hues,

Have flashes of orange and indigos

That will chase away any blues.


Author Notes

Koi are colorful relatives of the Gold Fish that grow larger and come in several colors.

Just simple unmetered Quatrains. Mixed abcb, aabb,  and abab rhyming.

This photograph was taken by the author at the Japanese Garden at Como Park in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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