Eagle Swoop

(A Pleades Poem)
Eagle, majestic master of top height,

Elegantly swooping first left, then right,

Each movement a dance step in open sky,

Every wing beat matched with a high pitched cry

Eerily sounding in the mountain air.

Exquisite symbol of freedom we share,

Evoking Emotion, Power, and Might.


Author Notes Poem about an Eagle inspired by my photograph and another Poet on this site.
This is a Pleades Poem. This poem has a title with a single word. The poem itself has seven lines. The first word in each line begins with the same letter as the title. A poetry form created by Craig Tigerman, there is no syllable count or rhyme scheme requirement. However, for this poem I chose a syllable count with pentameter, 10 count. I chose a rhyme scheme of aabbcca.
This picture of an eagle was taken on October 2012 at Fort Snelling State Park along the river bottoms of the Mississippi River in Minnesota just below the Minneapolis, St. Paul International Airport. The bridge in the background is the Highway I35E bridge.
This picture moved me to write this poem in conjunction with inspiration from the poem I reviewed yesterday, 2/5/2013, called The Eagle, by Robin Gilmor. This will be added to my book Picture Poems.

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