dragonfly 4


I dance

the sky on


gossamer wings,

That carry me

across the fields

to play

on plants and flowers

along the way.

The sun

shines through my

crystal vanes

to speed me on,

and light the way

as I dance and dart

the day away.

When I alight,

I pause,

hanging on,

as I apprise

what heaven has wrought

to dazzle all my eyes.

I lift

my dragon’s tail,

in praise,

as I gaze

at the wonders

of the world.

You may think

this a simple weed.

We’re not agreed.

I can see

the unique pedigree,

for I have touched a thousand

in my day

and find

no two the same.


Author Notes

A Dragonfly has large multi-faceted compound eyes. A large dragon fly may have as many as 30,000 ommatida (lens cell) in their eye. They eat mosquitoes and can hover like a helicopter. The have flight speeds the can reach 60 MPH.

This is one of the author’s photographs that he took in July 2012 along the Bruce Vento trail near downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.

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