Dragon Fly, Settle By

dragonfly 9

Dragonfly, Settle By

(A Shadorma Poem)




With fast flights so bold,

Settle by.

Show off why,

Your agile wings fill the sky,

Body black and gold.

Such big eyes,

How you view the world.

My surprise!

Off he flies,

When sudden wind lift applies,

See-through wings unfurl.


Author Notes A Widow Skimmer Dragonfly alights on a stick in a field near my house. Agile aerial acrobats that whisk and hover about. They can fly at great speeds. It’s hard to get a picture of one. This one settled down a bit.

This poem is a Shadorma. A Shardoma is a short poem of six lines (a sextet) with a fixed syllable count of 3/5/3/3/7/5. This gives it a lively, expressive tempo. It can either be free verse or rhymed. I chose to rhyme it. I used abaaab. 

This picture was actually taken by my grandson, JT, when I let him try my Kodak 981 digital camera.

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