Cinquefoil, Five Hearts

Sulfur Cunquefoil

Cinquefoil, Five Hearts

(ABCB Quatrains)



Tiny little Cinquefoil,

When viewed from up above,

Only has five petals,

But each one speaks of love.
It’s quite a little beauty

In its color and shape.

This flower’s a cutie.

They’re beauty can’t escape.

So while you’re out walking

And spot five tiny hearts,

That may get you gawking,

Heed the message they impart.

That, Love is Everywhere!

Don’t be afraid to share.


Author Notes

This wildflower is Sulfur Cinquefoil. It is a very little beauty that is such a small, unobtrusive flower, that you might walk right past it, and not notice it. That would be sad, because these are very expressive little ones. The name Cinquefoil comes from “cingue”, meaning five, and “foil”, meaning leaves or petals. Indeed these have 5 petals. But look! Each is a tiny little heart. As such, they have been revered for ages. They can be found in medieval heraldry meaning strength, power, honor, and loyalty. Also known in Europe as Potentilla, they are frequently called “Barren Strawberries”. According to Wikipedia, this five petaled flower was used in the architecture of numerous churches in Normandy and Brittany, through the 15th century. As early as 1033, it showed up in the church at Ruellie-Vergy, Burgandy, France. It was worn on the coat of arms of Bardolph of Bretagne. Medicinally, they have been used to treat diarrhea. So, as you are out and about, stop and look at the tiny wildflowers that grow alongside the path.

This poem is a set of 3 quatrains followed by a pair of rhyming couplets. The Rhyme scheme is a simple abcb. The syllable count is 6.

This picture was taken in a park in Maplewood, Minnesota on June 11, 2013 by the author.

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