Bursting Bloom


Orange flower

It comes to me as such a shock
such beauty grows atop this stalk.
Reminds me of the color burst
as firework fragments first dispersed
to light the darkest ev’ning skies.
So too, this bloom seems to my eyes.

Big petals bend to grasp the air
which gives this bloom a frantic flair,
combining with true color hue,
to yield a most enticing view.

I wonder what this blossom is,
since I am not a flower wiz.
Yet, doesn’t matter anyway.
I still enjoy its bright display,
and that’s OK.


Author Notes
This orange colored flower is one of several that I encountered along the path at the Arboretum. The way its petals spread, reminded me of a fireworks burst in the sky. I believe those are also referred to as “bloonms”. So I used that correlation for this poem.

This poem used a mixed set of stanzas, although I held the iambic tetrameter constant. The first verse has 6 lines (a Sestet). The second has 4 lines (a Quatrain). The third one has 5 lines – the Quintain.

The overall rhyme scheme is: aabbcc ddee ffggg

I took this macro photograph on October 17, 2014 with my Sony Al[pha camera.

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