Brown Butterfly

Morning Cloak


Brown Butterfly

(A Gertrude Poem)


I was walking, when I found, brown

Butterfly upon the ground, down

Where I could see its filigree, white against the sand.

It was sitting on the beach, but

It was slightly out of reach, what

Could I do, but simply view. I hadn’t planned

To see such fuzzy wings like this,

That send a pulmonary bliss.

I will dance and I will prance, I’ll even strut.

Oh what Fate! I just can’t wait, when

I could show it to my mate. Then

With no clue, quickly flew, right out of town.

Author Notes

This butterfly is called a Morning Cloak. Brown velvety wings, and a filigree of white lace around the wings, distinguish this beautiful insect.

This poem is a Gertrude Poem. A Gertrude poem is a poem with a very unique structure and tempo. It carried sets of three tercets with a syllable count of 8/8/11 for a minimum of 3 sets. This contest required 4 sets, making a minimum of 12 lines.  The rhyme scheme for this is: aabccbddceea.  The tempo is the most unique aspect of the poem. The rhythm goes like this, with da being unaccented and DUM being an accented syllable. The letters A, B, C show the rhyme pattern.
da da DUM da da da DUM da (A)  da da DUM da da da DUM da (A)  da da DUM da da da DUM da da da DUM (B)
da da DUM da da da DUM da (C)  da da DUM da da da DUM da (C)  da da DUM da da da DUM da da da DUM (B) 

The photograph was taken by the author in Northern Minnesota, on the beach at Red Lake, in September 2012.

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