Blue Bachelor Button



Blue Bachelor Buttons

(A Sonnet)


Our fairest maid was so in love with him,

Her shining knight, who off to battle rode.

He carried her ribbons amongst his trim.

They traveled with him, wherever he strode.

When King’s battles took him across the sea,

Would she still wait through forever and day?

He’d pick a Blue Bachelor Button, just to see,

How quick the deep color would fade away.

As each day he’d find that the shade stayed true.

He’d fight hard to help make the journey’s end,

And one day he found the fighting finally through.

He hastened home to find true love ascend.

He found Blue Bachelor Buttons often right.

She melted into his arms at first sight.


Author Notes

These are Cornflowers, also known as Bachelor buttons, they are a flower that is typically blue. Folklore has it that young men would pick them to see if the color faded. If the color faded fast, his love was rejected. So, while ladies pick daisies petals to find if “He love me, he loves me not”, men would pick a daily Bachelor button and wear it to see how fast it would fade. This was the basis of my tale.

This poem is a Sonnet, with four quatrains in abab rhyme scheme and a rhyming closing couplet. Written in 10 syllable iambic pentameter.

The picture was taken by the author himself.

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