Birds-foot Trefoil

Birds-foot Trefoil

Bird-Foot Trefoil




Little yellow flowers

That dot across the glade,

Kissed by summer showers,

Or hidden in the shade.

They easily take root

In damp and sandy soil.

Named after a bird’s foot,

And called a Trefoil.

But you must be careful,

If given to a friend,

Their meaning is awful.

Revenge is what you send.



Author Notes A wildflower, the pretty yellow Birds-foot Trefoil. It see these growing wild everywhere. Frequently with clover in open fields and shade. In Europe they used to be called “Butter and Eggs” for their yellow color. The leaves come in three – thus “tre”foil, and the shape is like a bird’s foot. In flower language, this is one of the few flowers with a negative connotation, meaning Revenge.

This poem is a set of three  rhymed quatrains (A poem with four lines. The rhyme scheme is abab. The syllable count is 6.

This picture was taken by the author in Maplewood, Minnesota.

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