Autumn’s Deck

Deck Shot

Autumn’s Deck

(A Rubiyat Poem)


Where I oft’ sit, I spot some leaves,

To Adirondack’s seat each cleaves.

Invading too my private deck,

That Autumn’s artist’s touch achieves.

I love the feelings they invoke,

When nature adds its master stroke,

That’s always different when I check,

As all the changing trees uncloak.

This season adds a crisp cool breeze,

Foretelling Winter’s coming freeze.

I’ll just throw on my turtleneck,

Before I catch a nasty sneeze.

Now I’ll go out to sit awhile,

And brush away that leafy pile,

To marvel at each color fleck,

Complete with coffee and a smile.


Author Notes I took this picture out my back deck yesterday, October 24, 2013.

This poetic format was introduced to me by Gungalo.

Rubiyat: this Arabic format has a quatrain wherein the first, second, and fourth lines rhyme.

The rhyme scheme is thus; a-a-b-a.

A single stanza can be a poem in itself or multiple stanzas may be joined to create a larger piece. Eight syllables per line. I also rhymed the third line of the first stanza with the third line of every stanza, but that is not a requirement.

This photograph was taken by the author.


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