American Kestrel



American Kestrel


When you think red, white, and blue

Does a bird thought come to you?


If it didn’t, I won’t tell.

Since, it flustered me as well.

That’s the colors on this bird.

So, let me pass the word

That it’s about a Kestrel.


Not an Eagle or an Owl,

It is not a water fowl,

As this Raptor’s pretty face

Has some patriotic grace.


It’s a little bird of prey

That helps keep the mice away.

With those colors in its wings,

As I think about these things,

We should find a good minstrel.

Make  a song about Kestrel

At games, everybody sings.


Author Notes

The American Kestrel is a pretty, tiny raptor that has very patriotic colors

This poem is no particular format. It has a syllable count of 7 and a variable rhyme scheme.

This picture was taken by the author in September 2012 at a Raptor show.

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