A Simple Walk at Lake McCarron


A Simple Walk at Lake McCarron

(Quintets and Quatrains)


I walked the path around the lake

With choice of directions to take.

I chose the way that’s most serene,

To see the sights that might be seen,

Where willows blend with evergreen.

I watched the clouds that drifted by

In quiet sky of azure blue.

A pleasant scene soon caught my eye,

Beyond the growth I’m peeking through.

See large homes on opposing shore,

A sight a painter might adore.

I stopped to look and take a break,

To get relief from slight back ache,

Sight camera for shots I’d take.

I thank the Lord for this fine day –

The water, sky, the trees and birds –

That bless the soul in every way

Beyond the scope of simple words.


Author Notes With all the lakes and rivers in Minnesota, each neighborhood has it local lake. There is usually a path around it and a public beach on most city lakes. I like to find them and walk around them. This poem and picture is of Lake McCarron located off Rice Street in a Northwest part of St Paul. It has 72 Acres of water.
This poem is simply Quintets (5 Lined Stanza) and Quatrains ( 4 Line Stanza). The syllable count used on both is 8.
The rhyme scheme on the Quintets is: aabbb.

The rhyme scheme on the Quatrains is: cdcd

This photograph of Lake McCarron was taken August 3, 2013.

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