My Minne Lecture


My Minne Lecture


Native Peoples have left their legacy

On this State first owned by the Lakota.

Their names remain across the whole landscape,

Like the State’s name itself, Minnesota.

Wonderland for a fun summer escape.

The  word “Minne” is their word for water.

So, Minnesota means “The Land of Lakes”.

“City of Lakes” is Minneapolis,

Minnetonka, “Big Lake”, the name it takes.

Tonka Trucks is one cool thing that place makes

Henry Wadsworth’s falls were immortalized

With his poem about sweet Minnehaha

Named “Laughing Water” from the falls, they say.

Also, there’s a street named Hiawatha,

The Indian brave who took her breath away

The Ojibwe first named the “Big Water”.

Gitchie Gumme became Superior’s name.

Rocky rugged shores draw us to play there.

Deep waters, inland ocean, is its claim.

November storms have caused its epic fame.

So as you travel around this country,

While sorting out the very best from worst,

Notice the Native American names.

Think about the history you’ve seen rehearsed.

Please don’t forget who owned this country first.


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