Born in “Land of Sky Blue Waters”,
Love of water is in my soul.
Have a choice of 10,000 Lakes,
So, crystalline shores make me whole.

More than Lakes in Minnesota
Rivers, plains, and forest there too!
Mississippi’s at Itasca,
For free, you visit Como Zoo.

We’ll head up North to our cabins,
Paddle the wild BWCA,
Diving off cliffs at Taylor’s Falls,
Innertubing on summer days.

The cities here are fabulous
Starting with Minneapolis,
Then visit the Capital mall
In the busy heart of St. Paul

There’s the river town of Hastings
And the hillside bluffs at Redwing.
Stillwater has shopping and cafes.
Go to Taylors Falls to rapid gaze.

What citizen wouldn’t be proud
Of Munsinger gardens, St. Cloud?
Trompeters at Montecello,
Ely’s lake chains draw a fellow.

Wabasha can give you a sight
Of Eagle in majestic flight.
I’d be an awful town cynic
To forget the Mayo Clinic.

The Amish would be at a loss
If I failed to mention Lacrosse.
But to tell you the simple truth,
I love the lake port of Duluth.

They’re all on our rivers and lakes.
Come visit whatever it takes.
If you’re looking to have a ball,
Minnesota just has it all!

Author Notes
If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m an unabashed lover of my State. I’ve been to every State except Hawaii, and haven’t found a better place to live. Please forgive me for that, I can’t help it. So here’s one about my favorite State.

Itasca State Park in Northern Minnesota holds the headwaters of the Mississippi River.
Como Zoo is located in St. Paul. It is a totally free Zoo, which I find amazing. It has Animals, rides, and a wonderful greenhouse Conservatory.
BWCA is the Boundry Waters Canoe Area on the border between the USA and Canada. It has hundreds of lakes connected by portages.
Taylors Falls has granite cliffs that plunge into the St. Croix River with natural diving platforms at various heights that have deep water pools beneath.
Innertubing – on a hot summer day, on many rivers and creeks, you can rent innertubes and sit in them while you drift on the current drinking beer or soda while your butt and legs dangle in the water.
Thousands of Trompeter Swans winter on the Mississippi River in Montecello due to the warm water released by the nuclear plant upstream.
The Eagle center is located in Wabasha were hundreds winter.
The world famous Mayo Clinic medical center is located in Rochester, Minnesota.

There are many other beautiful cities and town in Minnesota, I couldn’t mention them all.

The artwork in courtesy of Microsoft clipart gallery

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