Games and Rains

Gold Course Scene

Games and Rains

(A Canzone Poem)


With high winds, thunder, lightning flashes at play,

The games are interrupted.

When violent signs portend stark stormy day

Planned schedules get corrupted.

We know that these conditions can’t be sustained,

So we safely wait it out.

In clubhouse, the anxious golfers are constrained

‘Til weather changes come about.

At last, the storm has run out of fearsome force.

Players scramble for their carts,

As happy golfers are let upon the course.

That’s how this tournament starts!

Damp fairways and soft greens now,

With high hopes to win somehow.

Author Notes

I was in a Golf tournament at Red Wing Country Club just south of St. Paul, Minnesota, yesterday, 9/19/2013. The start was delayed due to a thunderstorm rolling in. But then it blew through and we were let out on the course. After two holes of play, another storm pulled us off the course with thunder and lightning all about. But after 20 minutes of downpour, play resumed and it was a nice day after that. My team placed in the money. Although my brother broke a picture window of a house when he sliced a shot way out of bounds. Oops! That was an expensive drive. Anyway, it inspired this little Canzone. I didn’t mention the window because my brother wasn’t in too good a mood after that.

This poem is a Canzone.

Canzone: An Italian lyric poem of varying stanza length, usually written in a mixture of hendecasyllables(11) and heptasyllables(7), with concluding short stanza or envoi. 

This photo is from my own collection, taken June, 2012 at Cannon Falls Country Club.

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