Farewell to the Dome


Farewell to the Dome

(AABBB Quatrains)


The Minnesota Viking’s home

The Hubert Humphrey Metrodome

Has seen its final play

I watched it yesterday

It’s had its better days

The last game played was won

But now the season’s done

No play-offs in the wind

Team and fans chagrinned

A lose where hopes were pinned

But what marvelous place

This multi-sporting space

That earned a special spot

In a downtown Metro plot

A dome that’s seen a lot

It was brand spanking new

In nineteen eighty two

The toast of all our dreams

The host of many teams

Heard boos and howls and screams

Gopher baseball and football teams

With the Vikings and Twins, it seems

All set the sporting tone

But wasn’t them alone

As other things were shown

Basketball, soccer, and monster jams

Rock concerts and motocross programs

All provided tenant fees

Tense moments with knocking knees

As exciting as you please

It prospered with several things it tried

With large capacity all inside

There were conventions and Expos too

And Special Olympics, to name a few

Among the many crowds it drew

It became a favorite indoor park

In a place where weather’s always stark

With football, baseball, and basketball

It  brought a boon to one and all

When nature’s forces came to call

With two World Series wins y the Minnesota Twins

In ’87 and ’91

Baseball legends were begun

That made the day for everyone

It also came very much alive

In fall, nineteen eighty five

With the MLB All-star game

As the best of season’s fame

Saw the Padres  -Tiger tame

Then Basketball’s Final Four

Came through the City’s door

In ’92 and 2001

With lots of floor and hoop action

As the best of the colleges won

Again, its legend further grew

In nineteen ninety two

As that year’s Super Bowl host

Saw the Washington Redskins roast

The Buffalo Bills, by scoring most

But before we get a bit too aloof

member its bulging and sagging roof

This impressive icon of our tinsel town

Changed our mood from cheers to frown

When winter snows brought ceiling down

It’s time is now overdue

After all that it’s been through

There are heartsick clientele

As we ring the final bell

I wish it – fond farewell!


Author Notes

It’s the end of an ERA. The Minnesota Vikings played the last game of the season yesterday, 12/29/2013. So, I felt the need to pay a poetic tribute. They now are going to tear down the old stadium and build a new one. The dome originally was named the Hubert H Humphery, Metrodome after a State senator who was Vice-President of the United Stated for John Kennedy. He also unsuccessfully ran for President. The dome was known as The Humphrey Dome, the Homer Dome, The Hump, and the Metrodome. From 1982 to 2013, the Metrodome was the home to the National Football League’s (NFL) Minnesota Vikings, Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Minnesota Twins from 1982 to 2009, the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Minnesota Timberwolves in their 1989-1990 inaugural season, and the Golden Gophers football and baseball teams. It was also the home for the Minnesota Strikers of the North American Soccer League (NSL) in 1984.The Metrodome is the only venue to host a MLB All-Star Game (1985), a Super Bowl (1992), an NCAA Final Four (1992 & 2001), and a World Series (1987 & 1991). It has been recognized as one of the loudest domed venues in which to view a game. 

In the 1992 Super Bowl, the Washington Redskins defeated Buffalo Bills, 37 to 28.

In the 1985 MLB All-Star game, the San Diego Padres defeated the Detroit Tigers, 6-1.

Gophers – are the teams that play for the University of Minnesota.

Minnesota Vikings – the NFL Professional football Team

Minnesota Twins – the MLB Professional Football Team Minnesota

Timberwolves – NBA Professional Basketball Team

This poem is a series of quatrains with a rhyme scheme of aabbb. The meter is of variable length. Punctuation omitted intentionally.

This picture is from. Yahoo Images.

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