Fantastic Frozen Falls

Fantastic Frozen Falls

(A Chilly Canzone)


Once temperatures drop to when water will freeze,

While ice forms upon our lakes,

It’s great when it reaches the proper degrees

To find out what nature makes.

There’s a special spark when the air gets a chill.

Hiding in a special place,

An amazing sight that will give you a thrill,

Enough to make your heart race.

In Minneapolis, at the edge of town,

There is Minnehaha Falls.

Sparkling crystals dance as cold water drops down

Creating tall frozen walls.

The Ice on the left forms a ghostly choir,

An ice organ on the right.

The sound echoes deep within a glass spire,

Resounding around the site.

It’s a marvelous sight, as sun starts to drop.

Center falls in cold cascade.

Music plays, as water goes over the top

In wintery serenade

Yes! Sights and sounds are so rare,

When Ice Crystals dance in air!


Author Notes

Minnehaha Falls is as intriguing in winter, as it is any time of year.  This is my first attempt of a Canzone Style poem, which was inspired by the poem Deep Purple Moon by Gungalo.

Canzone: An Italian lyric poem of varying stanza length, usually written in a mixture of hendecasyllables(11) and heptasyllables(7), with concluding short stanza or envoi.

I took this photograph of Minnehaha Falls from below in March 2012.

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