Chilly Town

Chilly Town (Quatrains)


Ice on the Mississippi

The river traffic’s down

All settled into winter

A downright chilly town


Time to find warm woolies

Dig out the stocking hat

Zip up the down-filled parka

For a frozen habitat


The roads are getting slippery

You need to take it slow

Or pile up on the highway

Might find you need a tow


The air is crisp yet biting

Can ever see your breath

To stay exposed too long there

Means slow teeth-shaking death


It’s winter in the city

A fate life can’t forestall

With ice in river valley

It’s chilly in St. Paul



Author Notes

St. Paul in my hometown, where I also currently live. I took this picture in 2011, but with high today supposed to be -1F, I thought this picture is appropriate. The river is iced over. Downtown St. Paul is in the background. That is the actual unfiltered sky.

This poem of quatrains has an abcb rhyme scheme and a meter of 7/6/7/6.

The photograph was taken by the author himself.

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