Season of Song and Gifts


Season of Song and Gifts

(A Gungalo Style Poem)



‘Tis the season of the song, I like to sing along,

Hear a joyous melody, while the children laugh with glee.

The pull of Christmas is so strong, where I belong,

Lights and tinsel on the tree, there is a joyous reverie.

I like to sing along, ’tis the season of the song.

While the children laugh with glee, hear a joyous melody.

Where I belong, the pull of Christmas is so strong

There is a joyous reverie, lights and tinsel on the tree.

I hear the jingle of the sleigh on Christmas day.

The spirit of giving has begun, our accounts are overrun.

Along the gaily lit pathway, children come to play.

It’s a holiday of family fun, when all is said and done.

On Christmas day, I hear the jingle of the sleigh.

Our accounts are overrun, the spirit of giving has begun.

Children come to play along the gaily lit pathway.

When all is said and done, it’s a holiday of family fun.

The lovely carols fill the air, you hear them everywhere.

You’ll hear Handel’s Messiah, and then Fa la-la la-la’s,

All sung with lively flair, sounds none other can compare,

Whether an angelic Nativity drama, or holiday orchestras.

You hear them everywhere, the lovely carols fill the air.

You’ll hear Fa la-la la-la’s, and then Handel’s Messiah,

Sounds none other can compare, all sung with flair,

Whether holiday orchestras, or an angelic Nativity drama.

I hear a-ding a-ling, when the church bells ring.

As we praise Our Lord, we all sing in one accord.

With our gifts we bring, come adore the Newborn King.

The world has been restored, as the Christ Child is adored.

When I hear the Church bells ring, a-ding a-ling,

We all join in one accord, as we praise Our Lord.

Come adore the Newborn King, with our gifts we bring.

As the Christ Child is adored, the world has been restored.


Author Notes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

This poem is a Gungalo Style poem.

It was created by her. I was inspired by her poem, In Sweet Bliss. Her are her instructions:

A new style created May 3, 2008 by Gungalo. and named for the poet Failte since she presented me with awesome words to write from. Basically, a quatrain write but after the first verse, the next one is turned inside out on itself to present a different sense of the write. Using the same words in the second lines, line by line, as you did in the first. Then the fourth is new, followed by another inside out verse. You may do as many verses as you’d like but there is a minimum requirement of four. Can use any syllable count you would like. This one has a various count of syllables to a line. Enjoy this style for it really makes you think. 

The picture is courtesy of Yahoo Images.

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