Christmas Postponed


The Children’s cries were noticed
By everyone this Year
Because Santa Claus was missing
With his Sleigh and his Reindeer

Where could he be? They Wondered.
The North Pole was quickly phoned.
All the Children’s dreams were sundered,
Because Christmas was postponed!

Well…It started Christmas evening
As Santa made his first stop
With the sleigh all fully loaded,
Skidding onto that rooftop.

The weather outside was frightful
With wet sloppy blowing snow
And Santa held a bag full
Of bulky toys, you know.

But the old boy was a veteran
Of many a Snowy Christmas day.
He’d piloted through worse than this,
An expert with his sleigh.

So he made it to that chimney
And trundled down with skill,
Set the gifts under the Christmas Tree
With the exertion of his will

He went and ate the cookies
That the Family had left out,
And drank the milk with vigor,
Wiped the traces off his snout.

Then …Up the chimney he went
To move on to the next place,
As winter whipped the snow about
To blind his rosey face.

So it must have been that moment
As he tripped on Vixen’s hoof
That he must have lost his balance
As he S
————————D off that icy Roof

He laid out there for Hours
The Next Mornings Papers read
He was sprawled out in the flowers

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