Love Gone to Pot

Love Gone to Pot

(A Dizain)


Flower Pot Girl

I have the biggest eyes for you.
They are wide open in the sun.
They sparkle in the morning dew.
I don’t know how this has begun,
Or when you’re near, you want to run.

Maybe I see with crooked eyes.
Your love would make a nice surprise.
You seem to want to put me off.
A topsy-turvy pot applies
To hold the broken heart you scoff.


Author Notes:

Just having some fun with the pictures I took at a scarecrow exhibit last fall. This one is made from flower pots and sunflowers. It inspires this poem.

This poem is a Dizain.
A Dizain is a ten line poem with either 8 or 10 syllables. I have used eight.

The rhyme scheme is: ababb ccdcd

This Rhyme scheme presents the rhymes as a mirrored image where the three rhymes are near the end of the first stanza, but near the beginning of the second. this provides a nice transition between the stanzas.

In a Dizian you can divide the poem if you wish into two five line stanzas or two four line stanzas and a couplet. I chose the first format.

This photograph was taken by the author at the Minnesota Arboretum in October, 2014.


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