Debonair Darren the Heron


Meet debonair Darren Heron

a sassy bird.

He’s mohawk coiffure wairin’.

He’s quite absurd!

Beguiling in a special way,

his feathers make a fine display.

He struts the boardwalk undeterred,

a sassy bird.

Observe his energetic stance.

His motion’s stirred

to simulate a classic dance.

The only word

that comes to mind is “Charleston.”

A feathered Flapper, once begun,

his tappin’ toes becoming blurred.

A sassy bird.

I’ve never seen the likes of him.

I’m quite assured

a dashing dandy fashion whim

has been incurred.

When stylish Herons paint the town,

our Darren really puts it down.

He’s debonair, I’ve overheard,

A sassy bird.

Author’s Notes:

This version entered into the Dogwood Press’ Literary prize.




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