Spooky Fun

Spooky Fun

(8-6 Meter Quatrains)


Dark LeavesWhen you see the sky turn tangerine,
Then you know it’s Halloween.
When leaves turn black with setting sun,
The party has begun.

Enchanted brooms may twitch
With wicked spells from local witch.
It is a pretty safe-made bet,
You will see her silhouette
Sailing across the moon.
So listen for that cackling tune.

But remember

Now it is time to grab your gear.
You’ve been waiting all year.
Your satchel’s set for holding loot.
Get out that costume suit.

It’s time for you to roam,
To trick or treat at every home.
There’s lots of candy to be had,
While chaperoned by mom or dad.
Those spooks are merely fun.
There’s treats and sweets for everyone.


Author Notes
A Halloween Poem. Although the sights are often scary, the modern holiday is all in fun.

This poem use an 8-6 meter. The rhyme scheme is: aabb ccddee
the stanza meters are: 8-6-8-6 6-8-8-8-6-8

Took this photograph as the sun was setting. The orange colors through the silhouetted leaves reminded me of Halloween.

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