The Wrong Place

“How dare you say you think that we are lost!
I know you thought our fortune’s turned and tossed,
And based upon our recent history,
While our location is a mystery,
I do believe I’ve set a proper course,
And found this lovely spot to park our horse.”

“But Sir, I know this place cannot be right.
The windmills that you tilt at aren’t in sight.
In fact, although you are exemplary,
We may have missed the proper century.
I’ve never seen those things on wheels before,
And we’re not in our homeland anymore.”

“Dear Sancho, have a little faith in me!
I’m sure there’s something on which we agree.
This place seems to us to be exotic.
I must admit that it’s quite quixotic.
You knew that when you chose to come along,
Have I not proven that I’m never wrong?”


Author’s Notes:

Anyone familiar with the story knows the answer to that question.

I spotted this statue on a sidewalk in Minneapolis, and thought to myself, that I sure didn’t expect to see Don Quixote and Sancho there. So, I imagined this scenario where they are not only lost, but in the wrong century. The proud knight can’t admit that he’s lost. Poor Sancho knows better.

This poem is written in Sestets with an aabbcc rhyme scheme to a mixed tetrameter.

The photograph was taken by the author himself.

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