I Hear the Bugles Blow

The battle beach was soaked in blood
On Normandy’s fortified shores.
Now shadows stand where soldiers stood
As silent ghosts forevermore.

So many heroes in their flanks
Whose lives were sacrificed too soon,
Drowned sitting in their armored tanks
As shells exploded their pontoons.

I hear the bugles Blow

Then those that made it to the beach
Were gunned down by machinegun fire
Their bodies thrown into the breach
As Hitler’s men were perched much higher.

The Reaper got his promised fill,
And Satan stole forsaken souls.
Two thousand was the counted kill
On Omaha’s steep cliffs and shouls.

I hear the bugles blow

Today a graveyard marks the place,
Where now white crosses in neat rows,
Are symbols at this sacred space
Where warriors battled with their foes.

I hear the bugles blow

Their lives lost on a foreign land
Now lie in peaceful silent rest.
No further would the Reich expand
Because brave men here gave their best.

So now, when you might visit them,
There, where world liberty was bought,
A place from where your freedoms stem,
Make sure that they are not forgot.

I hear the bugles blow

Author Notes:

The D-day invasion was a primary event in WWII that began the defeat of Hitler. Many lives were lost in this campaign , the most at the landing on Omaha beach (one of 5 landing sites). I pay tribute to it here. I missed the aniversary date, but am posting it here now.

This poem is a series of abab rhymed quatrains with a refrain interspersed. The meter is tetrameter (8 syllables).

This picture is from Yahoo images.

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