GU Brath An Ar Gradh


(A Tribute to Maureen Napier)





Soft Celtic songs sing through the moors
Whilst bagpipes wail sad tune
Thy star shines bright above Aviemore
Delighting midnight moon

Gu Brath An Ar Gradh

Within her soul Sacred Fire burns
Where ancient wisdoms lie
To Dunseith woman warrior returns
Her castle home in Skye

Gu Brath An Ar Gradh

Oh beloved Sgathaich of today
Behold love’s lessons left
Now climb to the heights above the fray
Our world will be bereft

Gu Brath An Ar Gradh

Walk warmly with Celtic heroes bold
New star in cosmic cloud
Whilst below thy legacy unfolds
Above, you’re beaming — proud

Gu Brath An Ar Gradh


Author Notes
This poem is a tribute to Maureen Napier, a much loved poet and beautiful person who while in a coma is traveling the cosmic clouds to her Celtic roots, leaving behind a legacy of family, friends and fans, alike. They wait in anxious vigil for her return and offer up prayers to her and her family. Her impact is strong as she battles through health issues while maintainindg a positive outlook. Regardless of the outcome, she shall remain forever in our affections.

This poem is dedicated to her and her family. It is written in abab rhymed quatrains with a repeating refrain between stanzas. The meter is intended to be 9-6, but I’m not completely sure how some of those Gaelic words are pronounced.

“Gu Brath An Ar Gradh” loosely in Gaelic means: “Forever in our affections” or “Forever in our love”.

Aviemore is a town in Scotland near the Cairngorm Mountains of the Scottish Highlands. Maureen has referred to it several times in her poetry, most recently 10/14/2014 in a Poem called Aviemore – The Highlands.

Sacred Fire is a Celtic belief. Fire was sacred to them. The domestic hearth-fire was never allowed to die, except once a year during Belthane, when it was rekindled ritualistically from the royal fire.

Sgathaich is a famous Celtic warrior woman and queen who presided over a legendary military academy, located in the area known as the Isle of Skye, that trained both male and female warriors. That area was known for many Celtic tales and traditions. I feel that Maureen had her spirit.

Dunseith Castle, meaning “the Fort of Shadow” was the stronghold of Sgathaich. She was often referred to as “The Shadow”.

I snatched this picture from her profile.

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