Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln

 (5-7-5 Suite)


Lincoln, President

divisive when elected

Civil War erupts

proclaimed , Honest Abe

for backwoods integrity

loved telling tall tales

wore a stovepipe hat

a thin beard under his chin

memorable look

with diversity

assembled mixed cabinet

“A Team of Rivals”

shouldered war’s burdens

with melancholy resolve

freed slaves from bondage

blood on his conscience

but determined to succeed

held to the hard course

expressed emotions

on the famous battlefields

Gettysburg Address

preserved the Union

at great personal expense



Author Notes Lincoln was a man of great personal courage and integrity.

I quoted “A Team of Rivals” in deference to the book by Doris Kearns.

This poem is a set of 8 interlinked 5-7-5 Poems.  Line 1: 5 Syllables Line 2: 7 Syllables Line 3: 5 Syllables Lack of punctuation intentional by the author

The picture is from Microsoft ClipArt.

One thought on “Abraham Lincoln”

  1. I like your poem about Lincoln. The phrases “blood on his conscience” and “preserved the Union at great personal cost” add strength to the poem. It’s difficult to write freshly about a figure that (some) people believe they already know about. I believe there’s some deep connection Americans feel to Lincoln; I wonder if part of that isn’t the tragedy of his death, and the sudden yet extended recognition of what the nation lost. (Do we ever appreciate people properly, as they are living?). Walt Whitman, a contemporary of Lincoln, wrote a lovely poem “When lilacs last in the dooryard bloomed.” You might enjoy reading that. Carl Sandburg, known for his poetry and also for his Lincoln biography (l940s or 50s I recall, for which he won the Pulitizer Prize), also greatly admired Abraham Lincoln. You’re in good company.


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