Warped-out World

I’ve often pondered my existance on Earth,

And whether it’s worth it for a man to give birth

To a new generation, brought by us fools,

Through brain-washing classes at understaffed schools

That don’t even teach them the simplest rules

About Life.


For life is quite difficult for each little guy.

A baby can only lay there and cry,

And see what’s around him through each tiny eye.

How long will it take him to learn how to lie,

And torture his brother by stealing his toys?

Oh, don’t worry mother, “Boys will be Boys”.

Or will they?


We learn from around us, our parents and teachers,

The postman, the druggest, and hell-storming preachers,

Just how to behave, what’s right and what’s not.

So watch their example. You’ll learn quite a lot.

You might even notice how not to get caught.

Well that’s fine!


But is it worthwhile to bring up our sons,

When water’s polluted whereever it runs?

A week’s wages won’t even buy hotdog buns,

And there’s fighting and killing brought on by guns?

If that doesn’t get you, just look at the sky.

The ash, dust, and vapors could cause you to die.

Is that Progress?


Our beauty’s not natural, it’s plastic and glue.

There are parking lots and buildings where once flowers grew!

When anything gets old, we just buy something new.

For sentiment has value to only a few.

We can’t leave our houses without bolting the door

‘Cause anything worth taking won’t be there no more.

What of that?


When others are phoney, who can you trust?

Deceipt and deception are nearly a must.

Politicians will cheat you, Judges aren’t “Just”,

Policemen only care about making a bust.

What seems to be Love could really be Lust.

No one cares!


If a man is in terror to walk down the street,

How can he express love to the people he’ll meet,

Or live through a day conscious of how others feel,

Or meet the right person and know that it’s real?

He just can’t.


For love is elusive, fickle, and blind.

It heightens the senses, but deadens our mind

To many things that we would normally find

To be quite repulsive, abusive, unkind.

You come home from work and try to unwind.

Why can’t you?


The love of our parents is what brought us to be,

Or was it just passion. I wish I could see

Back to the moment I began to exist.

The temptation to stop it would be hard to resist.

The world’s WARPED!

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