The road

I walk

By myself, but not alone.

I was alone in my darkness,

but I felt a greater presence stir me,

A presence I could not see.

But I felt , as if at my side,

The warmth of a Divine power.

And, like a child, I clung to it

And asked for help.


I walk

In the comforting solitude

of darkness.

I was gripped,

As if held by some dark power,

Stripping me of Knowledge & Significance.

But the unseen hand of Mother Earth

Reached out and held me dearly to her bosom,

Beckoning to me softly

To close my eyes

and sleep.


I walk

In a frightening dream.

In an agony I looked up,

And beheld the stars.

They filled the sky with a clear light,

And the rays of this light

Reached out and touched me.

The wind rose up against my countenance,

And brushed across

My face.


I walk

In the firmness of my youth.

I climbed a hill,

As the first rays of Dawn

Showed themselves above the Horizon.

And I looked out to see

What the furure holds.

I saw before me

A road,

A dark, uncertain road.


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