Early Works

These are the works I wrote in High School

Graduate from Hill High School
This was a time of Identity Crisis


 During this period, I was undergoing a lot of Identity crisis. Some of the contributing factors were:

  1. Being the second surviving son I was expected to become a priest. I went up to St. John’s and took the entrance test to the seminary but was put on the waiting list.
  2. My dad expected straight A’s in school, but I was  a B student
  3. My older brother had excelled in everything he did and was a very tough act to follow.
  4. My dad was accusing me of being lazy, “playing”‘ too much.
  5. I was more of a free-think type rather than a logical person.
  6. I was beginning to discover girls.
  7. I was beginning to feel like the “Black Sheep” of the family.

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