Visit to the Cemetery

Reischel Plot


Visit to the Cemetery




At quiet meadow of the soul,

To help bereft to become whole,

During visit with offered prayer,

When lost emotions loved ones bear,

Release to deceased pain they share.


And so to trundle up the grass,

By marbled headstones that you pass,

To visit those who’ve met their doom.

Consoling stop to lift the gloom

By placing wreath upon a tomb.


You scrape the grime of time away,

Removing filth of yesterday.

Then on your aching knees you kneel,

And to passed souls you make appeal,

Sending them love you hope they feel.


Then once reflections have been made,

And pretty flowers have been laid,

Recall with them the dreams they had.

Then tell them that you won’t be sad.

Now, bid adieu to mom and dad.



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