Tribute to Squid152


Tribute to Squid152

(Ode to Squid)



I miss my old friend Squid,

Quixotic in everything he did.

He wrote with eclectic pen

That won’t be heard from again.

Who can forget his Mel Gibson profile

With those bulging eyes and cock-eyed smile.

Some times his crooked thoughts came through

In amazing ways that challenged you.

He’d often write of his nighttime walks,

And the thoughts he got from his Jesus talks.

He was a loyal fan and friend,

Right down to the bitter end.

His battle with alcohol took its toll,

As his life and health ripped his soul.

His sense of humor was dark and dry,

And he often brought a tear to my eye.

He wrote freely about his wasted life

With cutting wit, sharp as a knife.

His thoughts conveyed a wounded pride,

And often leaned towards suicide.

Sometimes I’d read his verse, and start to worry,

Until the next jag of writing flurry.

I often reviewed his pleas to cope

And tried to offer some comforting hope.

In February his battle with health gave out,

He was hospitalized with failing liver bout.

In May he finally let his poetic spirit fly.

He died! Wish I had been able to say



Author Notes A struggling FanStorian, Squid152 passed away in May from liver damage due to alcoholism. I haven’t seen much posted on him and thought maybe not everyone knows, so I thought it was high time to write a farewell to a good friend who has passed and will be missed.

This picture was the one he used as his profile portrait. It is very representative of his work. 

Farewell my friend.

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