Too Soon

Brother and Me

Too Soon

In 2003,
I watched my brother die,
From a long-term
Incurable disease.
He was way too young.
He’d only just
Turned sixty.

He fought a battle
For a couple years
And I can say,
It was a mighty one,
I recall with loving tears.

There was never victory
No success
Can be expected
When you’re consumed

The toughest part
Was in
Those final months,
Filled with ragging
At the loss of communication.

You see
His mind was very clear,
No speech,
But he could hear.

As slurs changed to grunts,
Than a pen and paper,
Then a machine that typed words,
He became,
A mind,
Trapped in a useless body.

And you would realize within those wise old eyes,
That he was captured within his own mind

My heart still cries.
We’ve had
Our last goodbyes.
I know
His soul’s imprint



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