(A Sonnet)



I feel the sorrow deep within my veins,
That flows so slow with stresses and the strains.
I worry that the pain may never heal.
So I must kneel, to God make an appeal.

The loss of someone meaningful to me,
Can sap the soul of all vitality,
To spread a dreadful darkness deep within.
Such bitterness must surely be a sin.

But I shall carry on with all my might,
And hope someday that I will see the light.
I feel an angel near, holding my hand.
Although I find it hard to I understand.

So I shall shed all my tart tears today.
I’ll find my happiness another day.

Author Notes
With my wife’s mother passing away, I felt these thoughts emanating through her as she dealt with her grief. This poem just materialized effortlessly in minutes as if my Muse was controlling the pen.

This poem is a Sonnet. I was going to post it in the Sonnet contest, but the rules required an abab rhyme scheme. I wrote this in an aabb scheme. So, I just decided to post it here instead.

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