She Touched Us All

She Touched Us All

(A Tribute to Gungalo)


Oh Gungalo! How these tears flow!
You touched us all!
With poetry that you’d bestow
In scripted scrawl,
And filled with passionate romance,
Engaged in love’s forever dance.
Just like the tides that rise and fall,
You touched us all!

Oh Gungalo! I hope you know,
You touched us all!
To lose you now is such a blow,
But let’s recall,
The legacy you left behind.
Your words were always true and kind.
Oh Gungalo! How these tears flow!
You touched us all!

Author Notes
Gungalo’s beautiful poetry commanded many formats that she expertly executed with her deft ability. Always upbeat and romantic, they were frequently done in white on black distinctive script with a stunning female form to highlight it. Her poetry was always excellent. It moved me and taught me so much. I will be forever greatful for her mentoring and the spark she put in me. She will be greatly missed, but remains forever in my heart.

This photograph was taken by the author himself. I chose it to show a mated pair in a sunset, reflecting her often stated yearning to be rejoined with her true love, and her leaving us, as represented by the sunset.

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