Push and Pull



Push and Pull

(A Spenserian Sonnet)



I stood transfixed upon the rocky shore

As brooding waves did dare to draw me in.

It seemed life had no meaning anymore.

I felt I couldn’t stand this pain again.

Was this condition cruelly caused by sin?

Or, was it just a consequence of luck?

Well, either way, I thought I couldn’t win

Or find relief from fate, where I was stuck.

These deadly thoughts were those I couldn’t shuck.

The ocean pulled me on to be consumed.

As all my hurt emotions ran amuck

The crashing waves sang Siren songs of doom.

And yet, a seed still stirred there to survive,

A speck of hope caused me to stay alive.


Author Notes

There was a time I wanted to end it all. The currents were strong that day on Long Island. Some day I’ll tell the story.
This poem is a Spenserian Sonnet.

I was reminded of this format by reviewing fellow Fanstorian denhagen’s poem, Grateful in this Modern Age.

The Spenserian Sonnet is a third major type of sonnet, (along with the Italian and English sonnets). It was invented in the sixteenth century by the English poet Edmund Spenser. It has the same structure as the English sonnet, but it employs a rhyme scheme of:

abab, bcbc, cdcd, ee, 

which links the couplets within the three quatrains together. This puts less pressure on the final couplet at the end to resolve the argument. The three quatrains develop separate ideas, but they are closely related to each other. The couplet then simply provides a different idea or commentary. The Spenserian sonnet is written in iambic pentameter, like the other two major sonnet forms. 

I took this image from Bing Images.

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