Deadly Thoughts

th[4] (2)

Deadly Thoughts

(Push and Pull, Part 2)



When troubled times come crowd out the room

To bury souls in dark thoughts of gloom

Depression drawing deep

Seeks out a path to keep

The quite solace of ocean’s tomb

How easy to walk into the sea

To begin the end of what was me

To take that gasping breath

Embracing soggy death

And let those problems of bad times – flee

But flee to what? Hell’s hot eager fires?

From cooling waters to burning pyres?

And what is left behind?

To haunt my children’s minds

These thought were those that changed my desires


Author Notes

A follow-on to my poem about darker days in my life.

This poen is wittten in a Limerick-like format that has a meter of:  9/9/6/6/9 And the typical Limerick rhyme scheme of: aabba

The picture is from Yahoo Images

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