Charles! Charles! Charles! What have you done?

You were here yesterday, but now you’re gone.

You left us all waiting and worrying alone

While your are up mediating at the judgement throne.


Charles! Charles! Charles! Had a need for speed!

Launched a bike through a fence. Got himself treed.

He fought for control. He learned he could bleed.

In an instant, his soul was mortally freed.


Charles! Charles! Charles! You went for a ride.

We all thought you were just playing outside.

No one expected to hear that you’d died.

When we got the news, we cried! WE CRIED!


Charles! Charles! Charles! A spectacular ending!

No stopping momentum, your comprehending

As Head went rolling. Bike frame bending!

Crashing! Breaking! Churning! Rending!


Charles! Charles! Charles! We won’t think it odd!

To see you give St. Peter a wink and a nod;

Or racing the Angels on heavenly sod;

Or see you up there playing Ping-Pong with GOD.


Charles! Charles! Charles! When you get your wings,

You’ll be first in line, when the choir sings;

Give St. Nick advice on the presents he brings:

And be the Angel to pray to, to find and choose our rings.

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