Elizabeth Cutter

Four years short of a century
A tired soul has gone to God.
Four Children raised, a husband gone,
Today we gather to applaud.

For mother’s duties now are done.
Only memories now remain,
Of ups, and downs, and battles fought,
Too long ago to now explain.

Those left behind must now live on,
Forever touched by legacy
That fills the lives of all her heirs
With her wit and literacy.

Six grandchildren and ten great-grands,
Several seeds from fertile grounds
Now fill the earth with light and love,
Where Betty’s influence abounds.

Remember her for all her charms:
The laughs, the smiles, the thoughts, the hugs;
The gourmet dinners that she made;
Her needlework, with pulls and tugs.

She often walked. She had great faith.
Her love of music was renowned.
She loved to play that UPWORDS game.
She loved to keep nice plants around.

So, now that she has gone from us,
Let’s hope that these prayers we utter
Are pleasing to the ears of God
Elizabeth Sweetnam Cutter.

Author Notes
This is a poem I wrote about my wife Karen’s mother – Betty Cutter. She died Jan 13, 2015 at 6:10 PM.

This poem is an Elegy.
An Elegy is a sad or thoughtful poem about a person who died. This one is written in abcb rhymed quatrains. with an 8 syllable mixed meter.

This picture is a family portrait.

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