All Hallow’s Night


All Hallow’s Eve\

(A Sonnet)



The tale’s been often told in ancient scripts,

That unknown evil rots inside the grave,

Quite far beneath cold filth besotted crypts,

Where even sacred ground, it could not save.

As Satan’s pact with God provides relief,

One single night of fright is to be seen,

Enhancing evil versus good’s belief,

A night that’s since denoted Halloween.

And so, this night some sick soul may arise,

Engaged in ghoulish games of fear and dread.

To cause some trick-or-treater great surprise,

When finding they are dabbling with the dead.

For some may find there’s more than playful fright,

In darkened shadows on All Hallow’s Night.


Author Notes The Night the Dead may roam.

The artwork is from Yahoo Images


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