Warbird Arise

Oh mighty iron bird
asleep since 1945
Arise from the dust
of the boneyard

Clipped of wing
laid out on a bed
of eighteen wheels
for a long ride

To be renewed
on distant shore
by wizards of the world
like magic

New wings will shine

You greet the next generation
electronic eyes and ears
new tricks and trappings
better than before

A formidable beast


Once again you’ll fly
to skim the ocean’s waves
striking fear into those who lurk
on the surface
or in the depths
you’ll seek your evil prey

Oh guardian!

Such powers you will have
soaring high and low
scanning with majestic eyes
wings throbbing with energy
powerful vibrations

You’ll shine in the darkness
on your mission of surveillance


Oh mighty iron bird
asleep since 1945
Arise from the dust
of the boneyard

P3 Orion!

Author’s Notes:

The P3 Orion is a WWII vintage aircraft. Many of them are warehoused in the Tucson Arizona desert in an area known as the Boneyard. Because of their capability to fly either high or low at relatively slow aircraft speed for long periods of time, it makes them a perfect platform as a surveilance craft. Cramed with electronics and able to handle a sizable crew, they were used to detect submarines, detect low flying small air craft, and perform search and destroy missions. A project the author worked on was to refurbish them by taking them out of the boneyard, removing their wings, shipping them to South Carolina, where the old electronics were removed, new wings added, and the whole plane was updated with the latest navigation, radar,armament, and surveilance equipment. Today they are used against smugglers, and pirates. They are even more capable of anti-submarine warefare. They can fly practically on the ocean waves or up in the clouds. This poem pays tribute to them. Those lumbering airborne marvels.

A Free Verse Ode.

The picture is from the author’s collection.

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