Morning After Retirement

foggy Shore

Morning After Retirement

(Just A Poem)

I felt the tinge upon my skin,

Of early misty morn,

That made me snuggle tight within,

The blankets that adorn

My warm comforting bed.

I pulled them over head

To capture dreams galore.

“An hour more”, I said.

“Please, just an hour more!”

But daylight made a mockery,

Weighed heavy on my eyes.

Then barking dog, and bird in tree,

They finally forced me to arise.

Now that I’m sitting up,

I’ll sit and sip my cup.

I’ll watch the fog burn through,

And ponder what to do.


Author Notes

It’s been 2 years now since the company I worked for, for 44+ years, shut down our division and laid everyone off. I was fortunate to be over 62 years old, so I took retirement. I remember well that Friday morning when I was let go. By noon, I was at a campsite on Lake Byllesby in Cannon Falls Minnesota. The next morning was foggy. This poem that I wrote today, is in memory of that morning.

Nothing special about this poem. Just mixed syllable and lines playing with an 8/6 meter.

This picture was taken by the author, that morning in August,2011.

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